5 Ways Dental Sedation can Improve Your Next Visit

5 Ways Dental Sedation can Improve Your Next Visit

Jun 06, 2018

For many patients out there, even the most basic and routine check-up can lead to serious fear and anxiety. Many are aware of the sedation option out there, but we wan tour patient to stay informed on the benefits associated with this form of dentistry as well.

1. Improve Lengthy Procedures

Many patients worry about long procedures, and to aid in the thought of that, sedation dentistry can help. When using an intravenous sedation choice, you fall asleep before your procedure even begins and before you even know it, you wake up with all of your dental needs taken care of.

2. Sedation Tailored to Your Needs

Whatever your needs are, they can be met with the different forms of sedation dentistry. You along with your doctor will work together to find the sedation method that is most appropriate for you.

3. Calm Nerves and Overcome Fears

Dental anxiety and phobia can lead many to prefer living with excruciating pain over getting the care they need. Sedation dentistry works directly with the nerves to keep you calm and allow the dentist to do the work they need to t get you on a healthy path.

4. No Lingering Side Effects

Minimal sedation options like nitrous oxide wear off before you even leave the office, for that reason minimal side effects can be seen with sedation dentistry.

5. Safe and Versatile

Sedation dentistry is safe for all kinds f healthy patients. Those with special needs, children and adults can all benefit from sedation dentistry to calm their nerves and ease anxieties.

At Complete Coastal Leland Dentistry, we offer the kinds of options to our patients because we want them to get the dental care they need when they need it. We understand that dental phobia is common, but we want our patients to know that coupled with sedation, our staff uses only the gentlest touch to let patients know that they are safe and can feel comfortable in our office If you need to schedule an appointment with us, feel free to send us a call or an email. Our Leland, NC, office is open for you when you need us!

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