5 Ways Smoking Destroys Your Teeth and Overall Oral Health

5 Ways Smoking Destroys Your Teeth and Overall Oral Health

Nov 16, 2018

On the internet today there is plenty information about the effects of smoking on the human body, and how you should quit today. Study after study has shown that smoking is directly correlated to lung disease, lung cancer, stroke, and many many other medical conditions. Many fail to remember however smoking does do a number on your body’s organs but it can also have a great effect on your oral health, negatively. In the following article let’s discuss a few ways that smoking destroys your teeth in addition to your overall health.

Gum Infections

It’s no secret that smoking shrinks the blood vessels that decreased blood flow. However, restricted blood flow affects not only your heart and other major organs but your oral health as well. It makes it much harder for your gums to fight infection as they normally would, and smoking aids in weakening your immune system. Smoking also kills good bacteria present in the mouth and gives harmful bacteria the opportunity to grow in advance. With all of this in mind it makes smokers much more prone to gum disease than nonsmokers.

Cavity Formation

When it comes to the formation of cavities, there have been studies that show that nicotine escalated the buildup of plaque on the teeth. This biofilm contains bacteria that feeds on the sugars and carbs inside of your mouth, permeating the tooth enamel and breaking it down. Once the tooth enamel is broken down then you’re left with spaces in your teeth have become homes to harmful bacteria, what we know as cavities.

Mouth Sores

Going back to gum disease, also known as periodontal disease, as it progresses, bacteria is able to take over your mouth not just in your teeth. This bacteria is also found on your gums and on the sides of your cheeks that allow a mouth sores to form. These are small white sores that are painful and can make it unbearable to eat food with even a little bit of acidity to them

Tooth Loss

A number of studies have shown the direct relation between smoking and tooth loss. Just as an example, men who smoke a pack a day lost around 3 teeth for every 10 hours of tobacco use. With all of these statistics in mind, that makes smokers twice as likely to suffer from oral function that is highly impaired.

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