Are Dentures A Good Tooth Replacement Option?

Are Dentures A Good Tooth Replacement Option?

Jan 01, 2019

Aging is a natural process and so is losing tooth. As we age, it is common for people to start losing teeth. Do you find difficulty in chewing as you have lost most of your teeth? Has your smile hampered? Does being toothless make you less confident than before? Dentures are a good replacement to your natural teeth. If you are considering having dentures, you must consult a dentist near you who can explain you the importance of having dentures and help you with the procedure.

Benefits of wearing Dentures

  • Dentures improve your facial appearance
  • They make it easier to bite and chew food
  • They can be removed easily for cleaning or brushing
  • Helps in preventing extensive wearing of the remaining teeth, if any
  • Boosts confidence of people who feel socially awkward without teeth

If you are skeptical about the benefits of dentures, you can get the queries resolved by Dentist Leland before proceeding ahead to get dentures.

Missing teeth is a very common problem for people which are not just faced by elderly. You can lose tooth while falling or due to accidents as well. Whether you have lost one tooth or more, Dentures Dentist Leland can help in getting them replaced with dentures.

Types of Dentures

1. Full dentures

It is the right option for people who are missing teeth in upper arch, lower arch, or both. These dentures resemble with your natural teeth and come with an acrylic base. They are held on the gums by suction.

2. Partial dentures

The partial dentures are meant for people who have one or more natural teeth remaining. These dentures also come with acrylic base and they fit in the gaps perfectly. The metallic or plastic clasp attached on the adjacent tooth holds these dentures.

3. Implant supported dentures

These are relatively new type of dentures. They come with a dental implant which is anchored in the jaw so that the dentures stay fix.

Irrespective of the type of Denture Leland you choose, clean the daily and handle them with care.

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