Bad Habits You Should Break If You Have TMJ

Bad Habits You Should Break If You Have TMJ

Jun 06, 2018

Many Americans suffer from TMJ (temporomandibular joint) disorder. Our dentist at our Leland dental office provides a wide range of dental services and treatments to alleviate the pain that comes with TMJ disorder. We also encourage a healthy lifestyle to improve your overall dental health. This also means combating bad habits that negatively affect your oral health. Continue reading on to learn about a few bad habits you should break if you have TMJ.

  • Nail biting. Nail biting will typically stem from a way your body deals with stress. Not only is it bad for your nails, but it often aggravates pain related to TMJ disorder. Try investing in a nail polish that is made to prevent nail biting or pamper yourself with frequent manicures that will help you to kick the bad habit of nail-biting.
  • Teeth grinding and jaw clenching. Stress also brings on the bad habit of teeth grinding and jaw clenching. Try to look for easy ways to relieve your stress or practice different breathing exercises.
  • Crunching and munching. Simply eating a healthy snack like a crunchy carrot or an apple can cause harm by making your jaw overwork. Stick to healthy and easy to chew snacks that benefit you.
  • Making your teeth into tools. Your teeth were not created as a substitute for a Swiss army knife. Only use your teeth for chewing, eating, and speaking. Anything else can cause extra harm and lead to further TMJ related pain.

Call today for your TMJ consultation with our dentist at our office. We are eager to provide you with much-needed relief from your daily pain and discomforts caused by TMJ disorder. Contact our clinic for more information.

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