Benefits of Partial Dentures in Dentistry

Benefits of Partial Dentures in Dentistry

Jun 01, 2021

Do you have a missing tooth? You are not the only one. Tooth loss is one of the biggest challenges in dental health globally. Many people lose their natural teeth prematurely, even before they are old enough to blame it on aging. When you lose a tooth or more, however, you should not give up on perfecting your smile.

Dentistry provides many dental solutions that can help replace your teeth, even if you have lost many of them. Dentures are among the different solutions used in restorative dentistry to restore smiles by replacing missing teeth.

What Are Dentures?

They are tooth replacement oral appliances that are used in restorative dentistry. Dentists in Leland mainly use dentures when patients prefer a conservative approach to tooth replacement. Unlike tooth replacement solutions like dental implants, no surgery is involved when installing traditional dentures.

An important fact to note about dentures is that dentists near Leland use them for multiple dental restorations. Ideally, dentures would not be ideal for replacing a single tooth. For them to work, you must be missing at least three or more teeth in a row.

What Are Partials?

They are types of dentures that are used for patients who still have several of their natural teeth intact. Technically, dentures are used for full mouth restorations, usually for toothless patients. In that case, if you still have a few teeth remaining, your dentist would have to extract them before placing conventional full dentures. However, partials provide an alternative for patients who still want to retain the rest of their natural teeth. They can effectively replace any of your teeth, regardless of their location in your mouth, as long as they are subsequent in the jawbone.

Incredible Benefits of Partial Dentures

On your journey to regain a complete and beautiful smile, you should understand what your options are, and why they are the most favorable for your treatment. When considering partial dentures, here are some incredible benefits to consider:

  1. Retaining your natural teeth – if you have several of your natural teeth intact in your mouth, you do not need to have them extracted. A dentist near you will employ partial dentures instead of full dentures so that you retain the rest of your natural teeth.
  2. Preventing shifting of teeth – since you have other healthy teeth in your mouth, they need to be protected. When you have lost multiple teeth in a row, it leaves a large space in your mouth. Without partial dentures to restore the lost teeth, the rest of the natural teeth will shift. This will cause you to require orthodontic care as recommended by Dr. Geeson, to realign the natural teeth. Instead, getting dentures ensures that the rest of your teeth remain in their place.
  3. Restoring your smile – you do not have to endure tooth loss for the rest of your life. Although the remaining teeth in your mouth may still keep your mouth functional, a beautiful smile requires that you have all your teeth intact. A dentist in 28451 will help restore the aesthetic appearance of your teeth with partial dentures.
  4. Restoring optimal mouth functionality – even though your mouth may still be functional with a few teeth missing, optimal functionality is not achieved. This covers aspects of the proper pronunciation of words as well as ease of chewing and eating. Some other complications like drooling are also limited when you get partials for your lost teeth.
  5. Supporting the underlying structures of your mouth – one advantage that is typical of dentures is the ability to support the underlying features of the oral cavity. This includes your facial muscles, which play a big role in the fullness and youthfulness of your face. The dentures also offer support to your gums and jawbone ensuring they remain active, which helps prevent degeneration of the healthy tissues.
  6. Boosting your confidence – if nothing else draws your attention, at least this benefit should. With your teeth restored, you regain your confidence when you smile. You no longer have to worry about speech problems, drooling, or even having a large gap in your mouth when you smile.
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