Benefits of Receiving Orthodontic Treatment

Benefits of Receiving Orthodontic Treatment

Oct 01, 2020

Orthodontics is a division of dentistry for treating malocclusion. This is a condition where your teeth are improperly positioned when closing the mouth. Malocclusion results in an improper bite. Giving you straighter teeth is the job of an orthodontist.

You can seek orthodontic treatment to improve your appearance for cosmetic reasons. However, it would help if you understood orthodontic treatments could also improve your overall function.

What Does the Orthodontist Aim to Achieve with the Treatment?

Orthodontist’s aim to achieve the following when you approach them seeking treatment for your orthodontic issues:

  • They look to close wide gaps between your teeth.
  • Aligning the tips of your teeth is another objective.
  • Orthodontists can straighten crooked teeth.
  • They can boost the long-term health of your gums and teeth.

Orthodontic treatments are beneficial for improving your chewing and speaking ability. You also benefit from the prevention of long-term excessive wear or trauma to the teeth.

The treatment from the orthodontist will enhance the appearance of your teeth and also lead to better chewing and speaking ability. In some cases, the treatment can protect your teeth from damage and decay.

Orthodontists use various devices to achieve their goals, including braces, plates, and headgear.

What Types of Devices Do Orthodontist’s Recommend?

The Orthodontist in Shallotte, NC, recommends fixed appliances which are the most common devices used in orthodontics. Fixed appliances are useful when precision is essential.

Eating normally with fixed appliances like clear ceramic braces is not challenging. However, you must avoid foods and beverages like hard Candy, sticky foods, gum, and carbonated drinks.

If you are a participant in contact sports, it would be helpful to speak to the orthodontist when getting the braces. You are provided with gum shields in such cases. Clear ceramic braces are attached to the teeth and remain in your mouth throughout the day and night.

If the issue affecting you is mild to moderate, the orthodontist recommends invisible braces in the form of removable orthodontic appliances. Invisible braces allow you to remove them when eating, brushing, and flossing. Transparent braces are an alternative for adults who may detest having ceramic braces on their teeth. Invisible braces must remain on your teeth for at least 20 to 22 overs failing which the duration of the treatment can extend.

Who Are Suitable Candidates for an Orthodontist Visit?

Malocclusion results when your teeth and jaws don’t develop properly. Your teeth remain crooked or misaligned, and the teeth of your lower and upper jaw will not line up.

Malocclusion is not an infection and will not affect your physical health. It is a variation in the positioning of your teeth. However, it can impact the shape of your face and the appearance of your teeth, causing embarrassment, lack of confidence, and depression.

The reasons of malocclusion include injury to the teeth or facial bones and regular thumb or finger sucking.

Severe malocclusion affects eating, speaking, and correctly cleaning your teeth. Orthodontic treatment can improve any of the following issues mentioned:

  • Treatment for protruding front teeth improves your appearance and protects your teeth from damages during sporting injuries or falls.
  • If you have a narrow jaw, you may not have sufficient space for all your teeth. In such cases, the orthodontist recommends removing one or more teeth to make space for the others.
  • Orthodontic treatment can improve impacted teeth that have not emerged from the gum or bone.

Besides, the above orthodontic treatments can correct problems with an underbite, crossbite, open bite, reverse bite, spacing, and asymmetrical teeth.

Starting Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontic treatment must begin around the age of 12 or 13, recommend Complete Dental when all the permanent teeth have emerged. However, no age restrictions have been determined for receiving orthodontic treatments. In America, nearly 20 percent of the population seek orthodontic treatments to correct some of the issues mentioned in this blog.

Before starting orthodontic treatment, you must ensure you maintain good oral hygiene. Food particles can become trapped in orthodontic appliances after they are placed on your teeth. You must brush carefully and frequently to prevent tooth decay during the treatment.

You are at risk of infections without excellent oral hygiene practices if you have clear ceramic braces attached to your teeth. The situation is entirely different if you have invisible braces that can be removed to have the foods you love and maintain proper oral hygiene.

The benefit of receiving orthodontic treatment results in better appearance and enhanced self-confidence, along with better oral health.

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