Dealing with Orthodontics Issue during Covid-19

Dealing with Orthodontics Issue during Covid-19

Jul 13, 2020

Are you considering orthodontic treatments to correct problems with your teeth during the coronavirus pandemic? Do you already have braces on your teeth and are looking for information on taking care of braces in these unprecedented times? You are confronting a problem that is unlikely to put forward any answers to help you.

Orthodontists, like all other dental professionals, have suspended their activities ever since the Covid-19 pandemic began creating chaos in America and throughout the world. As an individual looking forward to improving your appearance and smile, you will find it challenging to find an orthodontist with his or her practice open to treat you. You will have to continue living with your gapped, crooked or misaligned teeth for a little longer until the applicable federal, provincial, state, and local authorities guidelines regarding closure recommendations for nonemergency care is relaxed. The American Association of orthodontics only defines orthodontic care to relieve pain or infections and is critically necessary to prevent harm to patients as a nonemergency. Under the circumstances, your best option is to hope that conditions improve soon to help you get the required treatment.

How to Care for Braces in This Difficult Time?

If you already have braces on your teeth from the dentist in North Carolina, you would have received instructions on taking care of braces at the time of their installation. Information that braces have many tiny spaces that can trap food resulting in the buildup of plaque and causing many other dental problems, would already have been provided to you by the dental facility. This problem makes it imperative for you to brush your teeth after every meal (even after snacking), floss at least once a day and rinse with a mouthwash. If the information sounded tedious to you earlier, neglecting your oral health will force you to spend additional time with the braces.

Presently orthodontists have shut down their practices because of the Covid-19 pandemic in line with the instructions of the governing authorities to suspend all nonemergency treatment. Your crooked and misaligned teeth may seem like an emergency to you. Still, governing bodies are thinking differently, and therefore you must take good care of the appliances to prevent damage to them and your teeth. Educating yourself about the basics of orthodontics will help you in following the recommendations of the dental professional appropriately. Making your teeth and gums healthy teeth when you’re wearing braces during the pandemic will seem easy.

Taking Excellent Care of Your Braces

As you already have braces on your teeth, they will require careful cleaning because bacterial plaque can easily trap between and around them. Brushing and flossing can become simple if you are prepared to put in some effort.

When you prepare to brush, you must take off the rubber bands and any other removable parts of the orthodontic appliance. Hold your toothbrush at an angle of 45° for cleaning around the wires and pins of the device and brush from the top of each wire to the bottom. Spend time to work around your upper and lower teeth and ensure all plaque and debris are removed.

Floss at least once a day by recollecting how the dental professional demonstrated the best way to floss to you. If you do not remember the demonstration, you can follow the instructions on the product package about how to floss. You can consider using a flossing product specifically designed for braces and orthodontic work.

Finally, rinse and check your teeth with water or mouth rinse and examine your teeth and braces by looking in the mirror.

Visiting Your Orthodontist Is A Problem during This Pandemic

Your orthodontist would have recommended that you visit him or her regularly for adjustments to your appliance. That was before the pandemic made its presence felt, and unfortunately, orthodontist offices are all closed at the moment. However, if you experience any problems with the braces, an opportunity to contact Dr. Geeson of Complete Dental Leland for advice is the only option presently available. The orthodontist can offer information on how you can manage the emergency or, if required, even arrange for a visit if your condition qualifies for emergency treatment. However, in all other circumstances, you must do your best to recollect the instructions of the orthodontist and follow them stringently until Covid-19 decides to provide some more leeway for dental practices to begin reopening. Patients considering braces must wait for some more time until the situation returns to normal before trying to straighten their teeth.

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