Dental Implants for Cancer Patients

Dental Implants for Cancer Patients

Oct 01, 2019

Losing a tooth won’t be as painful as losing a close dear relative. You just need to look around, there is a dentist near you. Dentists in Leland will be there for you. You can easily find pediatrics and dentists specializing in cosmetic dentistry. You can reach out to dentists in Leland, NC 28451. If you’re looking for one, then Complete Dental Leland can be a great reference.

Start contacting them now and get a thorough dental examination done in your initial appointment itself. With proper procedure followed, they ensure total restoration of your youthful teeth.

Now, you must be wondering how this dental implant works? So, here’s how:

  • Stable Support— The implants tend to fuse the jawbone of the person and artificial teeth are placed in turn. It provides stability to the jaws. The dentures and bridges based on implants don’t slip or shift in the mouth.
  • Ease while Eating— Cancer is painful enough, thus this secure fit of dentures and bridges works well in making your job easier. Even individual crown placed over the implants gives as natural a feel like your original teeth.
  • Comfort— Certain people find normal or regular bridges and dentures to be cumbersome and hurtful. In such circumstances, implants have an edge. Other treatments may lead to soreness, poor ridges or even gagging. Also in case of implants, no adjacent tooth needs to be prepared or grounded to hold new replacement tooth/teeth in its place.

It is equally important for you to take precautions on your part. For the best results of dental implants, health plays a major role. As a consumer, you can ensure the following:

  • Eat Healthy—The most basic advice given by all and almost for all is a healthy balanced diet. Eat soft food, which is easy to digest as well. Rely more on nutritious liquids, like natural fruit juices, soups, yoghurt, milkshakes and smoothies. Eating simple food like mashed potatoes and green leafy vegetables also help in quicker healing of implants.
  • Use Ice— To calm the immediate pain after getting a dental implant done, you can ice packs. Using them for around 15 minutes on and off would help in reducing swelling.
  • Don’t Stress— Worrying too much about the pain in the tooth would only stress you out. So you should maintain your cool and take it easy. Take a back seat and chill as it is no detrimental to your health.
  • Careful Brushing— Don’t apply too much pressure when you brush your teeth. It might let the bristles of the brush on the crevices of the implant area to bleed. Let the surgical area heal considerably and then you may resume brushing roughly. Avoid brushing and flossing in the surgical area.

Stick to the following don’ts after getting a dental implant done:

  • No Overexerting— The anaesthesia tends to wear off upon consumption of hot food and beverages. You also don’t feel anything as that area is numb. Without the sensation, you might end up burning your mouth.
  • Avoid Hot Beverages— The anaesthesia tends to wear off upon consumption of hot food and beverages. You also don’t feel anything as that area is numb. Without the sensation, you might end up burning your mouth.
  • No Hard or Crunchy Food— For at least a month or two, avoid or stay away from biting on crunchy food items. Hard food such as even carrot or popcorn is advisable to avoid. It might affect the surgery area.
  • Avoid Smoking and Drinking— The habit of smoking and drinking alcohol is always a no-no during healing. It can interfere with the process of curing.
  • Follow the dentist’s advice— Take proper care and follow the dentist’s instructions to quicken the process of healing

In conclusion, it is said that dental implant for cancer patients can be a lifesaver. It is only as good an investment as saving a life. It tries to mitigate the pain which one undergoes due to missing tooth or damaged teeth. You can find a dentist in Leland NC for the treatment. If you are looking one, contact Complete Dental Leland. It is their responsibility to ensure a smile on your face! You can ring them up when to schedule an appointment. Do not delay this any further. Go for dental implants to get a beautiful set of teeth.

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