Sep 02, 2021

Are you suffering from crooked or misaligned teeth? Well, it is not unusual to have teeth that don’t have a perfect arrangement. Some people don’t have these problems but it doesn’t mean it is not a possible issue for others. However, there is a remedy to this dental issue. Thanks to advancements in dentistry, there are various dental procedures to help correct dental problems. Ever heard about orthodontics and how it can restore your teeth? In the article, you’ll find out more.

Orthodontics is a department in dentistry that treats and corrects malocclusion which causes wrong bites and other dental irregularities due to the misalignment of the teeth. This procedure can be performed through the use of dental devices that correct and straightens the position of the teeth over time. Orthodontics aims at enhancing your looks, but it is mostly used to aid and improve dental function as well. To get orthodontic treatment, you have to see an orthodontist who specializes in correcting the position of the teeth. However, you can see a general dentist, but you might need to see an orthodontist if the teeth are extremely bad and need extra assistance.

Why Do I Need To See An Orthodontist?

Different dental issues require the attention of a dentist. However, there are specific dental issues that need to be checked by an orthodontist even though a dentist might still be able to address these issues but they can go deeper into the problem as an orthodontist will. When a person’s jaw and teeth fail to develop properly, it can cause issues with teeth growth and proper arrangements. Due to the underdevelopment of the teeth and jaw, a person can suffer from malocclusion. Malocclusion causes issues with biting, talking, and other oral activities. According to Dr. Geeson, if the malocclusion is left untreated it can cause different dental issues like crowing, protruding front teeth, impacted teeth, deep bite, open bite, underbite, crossbite, spacing, reverse bites, and asymmetrical teeth. If you’re experiencing these dental irregularities you might need to see an orthodontist who would help correct your teeth arrangement and restore your teeth to enhance your facial arrangements. You can see an orthodontist near you or visit an orthodontist in Leland, NC.

How Do Orthodontists Perform Orthodontics?

After your teeth have been examined, the orthodontist will then recommend dental devices that can help correct and straighten the teeth and jaw over time. They can be either fixed or removable devices. For fixed devices, there are fixed to the teeth and can’t be easily removed except with the help of the dentist.

Braces: of course you must have possibly seen people who use braces. Well, if you haven’t, do not worry cause braces are common devices that are used to tighten the teeth from losing their rightful placement inside the mouth. It contains bands, wires, and brackets that are constructed together to make the device. There are colored and invisible braces. You can speak to your dentist about the type that suits you best. You can get braces from an orthodontist or a dentist near you.

Fixed Space Maintainers: this device is commonly used by children who are yet to grow their permanent teeth. When a child loses his or her teeth untimely, the orthodontist might use the space maintainer to preserve the space until the eruption of the permanent tooth.

Special Fixed Appliances: this device is used to curb the habit of tongue thrusting and thumb sucking. They can cause some kind of discomfort while eating. You can see a dentist in 28451 for recommendations on other dental appliances that can be used instead of a special fixed appliance.

On the other hand, removable devices are devices that can be temporary removed by the patient. They are:

Aligners: Like braces, aligners help move the teeth to the proper position. Aligners are recent devices and are an alternative to braces. They are usually invisible and are not fixed like braces. Most people prefer it cause of its cosmetic features. Also, since it is removable, you can remove it whenever you want to eat, brush, floss or sleep. You can get your aligners from a dentist near you or a dentist in Leland.

Removable Space Maintainers: Like fixed space maintainers, removable space maintainers are used for the same purpose. However, they are removable and are made up of an acrylic base or wire branches that match over the jaw and are positioned in teeth spaces to keep the teeth from coming together.

Palatial Expander: it is used to widen a narrow jaw so that there can be enough space for the teeth to grow.

Removable Retainers: this device is used after a person’s teeth have been shifted to the right position. It retains the new position and prevents the teeth from going back to their previous position.

Jaw repositioning devices (splints): this device is used by patients who are suffering from TMJ disorder. It helps the jaw to maintain a proper position

Headgear: This device is used to slow down the upper jaw’s growth. It can also be used to maintain the position of the back teeth while the protruding front teeth are being dragged back.

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