Early Orthodontic Treatment

Early Orthodontic Treatment

May 03, 2018

Early orthodontic treatments are always beneficial to patients at Complete Coastal Leland. Our orthodontists prefer to monitor patient’s teeth at a young age for optimal care provided by us. This allows for quick and effective treatments for our patient’s. For more information on early orthodontic treatment, continue reading on.

Our orthodontists normally begin treatment for children around ages 9 through 14. This is typically the time when baby teeth have finally fallen out, and the permanent teeth are completely out. Early evaluation and treatment of conditions help to prevent future problems and avoid surgery. Severe crossbite is caused when the upper teeth close around the lower set of teeth. Our dentists can provide treatment options for this condition that can be effective even before the jaw has finished growing. Treatment options are also available for severe crowding found in upper and lower teeth. This is common in patients with small jaws. A palatal expansion or tooth extractions are available through our orthodontists in this situation which allows the adult teeth to grow in properly.

Protruding teeth and severe underbites can cause further problems in patients including lowered self-confidence. It can also make chipping and breaking your teeth a more common occurrence. Our orthodontists can fix these problems early on with the help of braces and headgear appliances. Fixing these problems at an early age can avoid further procedures later in life.

Protect your oral health and boost your self-confidence with the easy help from an orthodontist. To get started with an orthodontist near you we encourage you to contact Complete Coastal Leland today. Call our clinic today to set up your next appointment for you or your child with one of our orthodontists today!

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