Foods to Eat When You Have Braces

Foods to Eat When You Have Braces

Mar 01, 2020

Getting braces is one of the major life decisions you have to make. It means investing in the quality of life by ensuring that your smile elaborates on your confidence. In the process of orthodontics, there is a lot you must observe to ensure that your oral health improves. It ranges from how you clean your teeth to how and what you eat.

What is Orthodontics?

It a dental procedure that involves the use of controlled pressure to cause a movement and shifting of teeth to the correct position. This is made possible through the use of different applications like braces.

​At ​Complete Dental, how you take care of your teeth during the treatment can affect the effectiveness of your results. For one, you must account for the fact that your teeth are shifting to a different position.

Should You Be Picky About Food Choices if You Have Braces?

Being a picky eater is not a trait you encourage children. The more inclusive they can be with their meal choices, the better. However, in adulthood, picking what to eat and what not to eat is a healthy practice. It helps you watch your calories and remain healthy overall.

When it comes to teeth aligners, being picky with the foods you select has an advantage. It is not meant to hold you back from enjoying your meals. Rather, it is a precautionary measure to ensure your aligners are not damaged before your treatment is complete. Besides, teeth aligners can be expensive. The last thing you want is to interrupt your treatment by needing a new set of aligners.

​Foods to Eat During Your Treatment

In ​Leland, NC, our dental experts will suggest a couple of food items that are not only appropriate but also needful in your treatment. Ideally, you still need to keep up with a healthy diet, especially to cater to the bone regeneration process. This means that the adjustments you make in your food choices should only be inspired by the need to protect the teeth aligners. Some of the foods you should consider throughout your treatment include the following:

  • Dairy products – this includes eggs, milk, yogurts, puddings, and soft cheese.
  • Choose your meats – opt for meatballs and tender meats.
  • Cooked veggies – they are sifter when cooked. Mash your potatoes and steam other vegetables.
  • Snacking – it is okay to snack on some treats, including soft cookies, ice creams, milkshakes, and plain chocolates. Be sure they do not have nuts that can damage your teeth aligners.

​Foods to Avoid During Your Treatment

Like you would choose what to eat, choose also some foods that you have to avoid. Most of the following food items will do your teeth and aligners more harm than good. It is why you should choose to avoid them. The main categories include:

  • Hard foods – this includes both raw and cooked foods. Some great examples are carrots, apples, chocolate bars, ice cubes, and nuts. If you have to eat these foods, determine to break them down into small portions, for better chewing. Consider that your teeth and gums may feel sore because of the movement initiated by the treatment.
  • Candies – the sugar content in candies in not good for your teeth. The sugars mix with the saliva in your mouth, forming acids that lead to teeth cavities. Given that proper brushing and flossing is limited when you have braces, it is important to avoid sugars. Excessive sugars may lead to tooth decay, especially when trapped between the frameworks of the appliance. Other than that, consider that candies can be sticky, for example chewing gum. The sticky candies can get tangled in the metal brackets of your teeth aligners.
  • Crunchy and sugary pastries – this goes for popcorn, chips and crisps, cookies, biscuits and different types of cakes.
  • Chewy foods – if you have to keep chewing your food, it is not good for your moving teeth or the aligners themselves. This includes pizza crusts, bagels, licorice, among others.
  • Biting into foods – some foods require that you bite into them. Examples include apples, chicken wings, carrots, and ribs. Avoid them as they will put a strain on your teeth and harm your aligners.
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