How Pregnancy Can Affect Your Oral Health

How Pregnancy Can Affect Your Oral Health

Sep 18, 2018

Women go through various changes in their body during pregnancy. Some of these changes indirectly affect other systems, tissues, and organs in the body. One of these things being the teeth. Once, a long time ago women were known to have lost one tooth for each pregnancy endured. However with modern research, this fable has been debunked, and we’ve been able to detect what causes oral changes in pregnant women.

Pregnancy Gingivitis

The hormonal changes in a pregnant woman’s body can cause inflammation of the gums, leading up to a disease known as pregnancy gingivitis. With this disease, the gums bleed and become tender to the touch. If this condition is not managed with additional oral care, it can lead to quite a few congenital disabilities including low birth weight, prematurity, and preeclampsia.

Tooth Decay

During pregnancy, a women’s salvia becomes much more acidic than that of the normal pH level. This factor is due to the imbalance in hormonal levels. To compare this logic with that of the fable/myth that was introduced about women losing a tooth during pregnancy, it’s scientifically easier to understand. The acidic saliva interacts with the teeth thus eroding protective structures such as enamel and dentine. Since there isn’t a way to prevent this chemical change in the body, women are advised to stay away from foods and drinks that may add additional pH levels to their saliva.

Seeing Your Dentists

You should see your dentist if you are pregnant to avoid the downsides that pregnancy brings with it relating to your oral health. If you are aware of your chances for periodontal disease beforehand then seeing a dentist is a must. At Complete Dental Care we offer trusted consultations from our team of highly qualified, skilled dentists. So, don’t hesitate to make the call or come in to book an appointment if you are going through the stages of pregnancy. Complete Dental Care is open six days a week, so we’ll always make time for you even if time is not on your side.

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