How to Prolong the Effects of a Professional Teeth Whitening

How to Prolong the Effects of a Professional Teeth Whitening

May 01, 2019

Everybody wishes to have beautiful pearly white teeth, which is one of the reasons why cosmetic dentistry procedures are so popular these days, says dentist near Leland. The cosmetic procedures help in getting a flawless smile which boosts the confidence and self-image of a person. However, the pertinent question is how long does the effects of whitening last? The answer is simple; it depends on how good care you take.

Professional teeth whitening is an effective procedure which offers long lasting results. However, you need to follow some precautions to avoid discoloration and prevent them from losing their shine, says dentist in Leland NC.

Here’s a Look at Some Tips by Dentist in Leland for maintaining Your White Teeth for Longer:

    • You must make it a point to not consume the foods and drinks which are high in pigment. Drinks such as red wine, dark-colored juices, spices such as turmeric, condiments like balsamic vinegar and soya sauce can stain your teeth quite quickly.
    • You also need to cut down on your tea and coffee intake. It’s said that caffeinated drinks such as tea and coffee are high in tannins. They stain the teeth over the period of time and make them appear yellow or brown. If you can’t completely eliminate them you can at least try to have them with a straw so that it doesn’t come in direct contact with your teeth.
    • You must avoid using toothbrushes with hard bristles as they can damage your enamel and lead to staining. Use a brush with soft bristles and don’t brush aggressively.
    • According to dentist in 28451, you need to beware of the acidic foods as they can erode the enamel and make your teeth susceptible to staining.
    • Some food items can help in protecting your teeth such as cheese as it creates a protective coating on your teeth. Make it a habit to consume healthy food items.

Following the above mentioned precautionary measures can help in enjoying pearly white teeth for a longer duration of time.

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