Know the Facts about Oral Surgery Here for This Friendship Day

Know the Facts about Oral Surgery Here for This Friendship Day

Aug 01, 2020

The experts in performing dental surgery are oral surgeons. Most dentists have some knowledge about some parts of oral surgery. However, it is an oral surgeon who is a specialist in caring for your operational requirements if you ever need to undergo oral surgery.

Reading this blog, you may wonder why should I choose this treatment? The answer to your question is you may not have a choice about whether you want to undergo surgery with an oral surgeon or not. The need may be thrust upon you for procedures like extracting wisdom teeth or inserting dental implants for replacing missing teeth. In both, the situations mentioned the processes needed are intensive and require the right type of anesthesia. The oral surgeon must also be able to manage any other issues that may arise during the procedure. Oral surgeons can as well perform cosmetic procedures if you need to enhance your appearance or your facial structure. Read more about the processes oral surgeons regularly handle to educate yourselves when you may need help from an oral surgeon.

Types of Procedures Performed by Oral Surgeons

Quite a few procedures are performed by oral surgeons, some of which include the following:

  • Oral surgeons are experts in removing wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth extraction is often painful, and it would be helpful if you trusted an oral surgeon to perform this procedure on you if required.
  • Oral surgeons can correct issues related to a cleft palate, which can potentially lead to a variety of dental problems. The procedure is performed to adjust both the function and aesthetics of the patient.
  • If you lose your permanent teeth and need dental implants to replace them, an oral surgeon will be involved during the placement because he or she understands the surgical process to enhance significantly successful outcomes for the patient.
  • If you want an entire facial reconstruction because of an injury, the job is better handled by an oral surgeon than any other professional from the medical fraternity. Oral surgeons have an understanding of the bone, palate, tissue, and its placement. Therefore if you have undergone severe trauma, you would want an oral surgeon to handle the job of facial reconstruction.

Besides the above oral surgeons also perform root canal therapy, place dental bridges, remove benign tumors from the mouth, and even predict the impact of the removal. They are also experts for reducing migraines, overbites, and TMJ issues with corrective jaw surgery.

Are Procedures Performed by Oral Surgeons Covered by Insurance?

Some types of oral procedures are covered both by medical and dental insurance. Some methods, however, are not considered as dental requirements but are covered by medical insurance. Therefore it would be helpful for you to understand beforehand the costs that dental insurance won’t cover to seek reimbursement from medical insurers.

Are the Procedures of Oral Surgeons Essential?

It entirely depends on the unique situation you could be encountering. If you need wisdom teeth extraction either during early or late adulthood, you will be referred to the dentist in Shallotte by your regular dentist, especially when the third molars fail to emerge in proper alignment through the gum line. Such situations are known as impacted wisdom teeth because they have become entrapped between your jawbone and gum line.

Impacted wisdom teeth can result in pain, swelling, and infection of the gum tissue surrounding the wisdom teeth. The tooth can also cause permanent damage to the adjacent teeth and even lead to the formation of cysts or tumors that can potentially destroy sections of the jaw. In such situations, you will need help from the dentist office in North Carolina, where Dr.Geeson will extract the impacted wisdom tooth.

The role of an oral surgeon also gains importance if you want to have dental implants placed to replace missing teeth. This procedure involves putting titanium posts to act as artificial tooth roots in the initial stage. After that, another surgery is required to attach the abutment on which the artificial tooth is finely placed. The procedure is intensive and requires you to be in good general and oral health. The time needed for the process is approximately 6 to 9 months and requires guidance from a dental facility like Complete Dental that has appropriate oral surgeons who can perform the placement.

Dentists are also performing some oral surgeries like extracting teeth and other minor procedures. However, whenever they come across an intensive procedure, they always do for you to an oral surgeon who is better equipped to perform the process.

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