Leland Dentist | How Candy Threatens Your Child’s Teeth

Leland Dentist | How Candy Threatens Your Child’s Teeth

Feb 01, 2019

Does your child love to gorge on candies? Candies are an all time favorite of kids and they often insist their parents to buy them candies. Studies show that children under the age of 12 years consume approximately 49 pounds of sugar every year due to their sweet addiction. Candies are not the only source of sugar but they are a significant source. Plus, the sugary candies are harmful for their teeth, says Dentist Leland.

All you need to know about candies and how they can impact your child’s smile:

What makes a candy harmful for teeth is the sugar content in it. Certain type of bacteria in your mouth feed on sugar. These bacteria then create acid which causes the enamel to wear away. According to Dentist near Leland NC, when the enamel gets weak, it increases the chances of tooth decay. The mouth is usually efficient in neutralizing acids and helping the minerals in strengthening your enamel if the sugar and acid attack is not extreme. There is a limit to what your mouth can do which makes it important for you to limit the sugar intake and regular oral hygiene.

Beware of Sticky and Sugary Candies

All candies are not same and you should be wary of sticky candies as they are worse for your teeth says dentist in 28451. The sticky candies are known for leaving sugary residue on the teeth even after you are done eating them. This gives bacteria in mouth an opportunity to demineralize the enamel.

Even lollipops, suckers, and hard sucking candies are troublesome as they remain in mouth for more period of time. Just like sticky candies they allow the bacteria to make your enamel weak. With passage of time, the teeth can chip or crack if you bite too hard.

Preventing the Decay

You need to limit your child’s sugar intake. However, you can’t always be around them to control them so a better idea is to develop a good oral hygiene routine since early childhood so that sugar doesn’t stay in mouth for long.

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