Myths about Dental Crowns That You Need to Know

Myths about Dental Crowns That You Need to Know

Nov 01, 2020

Do you have discolored chipped or misshapen teeth? Dental caps can address your issues and restore your outlook. Tooth crowns are vital in covering your severely decayed or damaged tooth and protecting it from further damage. Crowns are essential in restoring your aesthetics and correcting multiple dental imperfections. If you have a misshapen, broken, or cracked tooth, the prosthetic restorations can be useful. Once a dental implant procedure is done, crowns are placed on your dental. However, there are various myths about dental caps that you need to know. It would be ideal to visit our dentist in North Carolina and have crowns to transform your dental outlook cosmetically.

What’s a Dental Crown?

A tooth crown is a prosthetic restoration done on your dental, to restore your damaged tooth to its original size and shape. Crowns are cemented on your severely decayed or damaged tooth surfaces. The restorative caps transform the exterior surface of your natural tooth. They are custom-made to suit your desired outlook and are made from different materials, including resin, ceramics, and porcelain, based on your preferences. Dental caps fit perfectly over your tooth, above the gum line, and encase the damaged tooth portion.

Common Myths about Dental Crowns

Below are some of the known myths about teeth crowns:

A Tooth Crown Looks Unnatural

Teeth crowns are customized from ceramic or porcelain material. The materials are robust, and they resemble your natural tooth. Your dentist takes impressions before molding your tooth crown to ensure it takes the shade of your natural tooth.

A Crown Will Never be Like My Real Tooth

When you have a crown placed, your natural tooth functionalities are restored, and regain your oral health practices. You won’t feel the cavity or decay, and it will serve you better than your decayed natural tooth.

Crowns Are For Only Those Who Don’t Take Care of Their Teeth

Crowns are not exempted from specific oral hygiene needs. It would be best if you had crowns despite how hard you’ve kept your oral tissues healthy. Your specialist can recommend you to have crowns even with impeccable dental hygiene. Mouth trauma and injuries can destroy your teeth. Dental caps preserve your teeth from further decay and restore restricted tooth functions. If you have a severely decayed, broken, or injured tooth, crowns are ideal for you. You and your child can have crowns for aesthetic, restorative, and cosmetic functions.

Placement of a Tooth Crown Can Wait

It’s essential to have a crown earlier and preserve your natural tooth from further damage or decay. Delayed decisions may compel your dentist to perform extensive dental procedures. If you leave your decayed or broken tooth untreated, you will likely undergo serious dental procedures, including an implant or tooth extraction. It would be best to have a dental cap to prevent your tooth from further pain, decay, or damage.

I Can Get a Tooth Crowns Instead of Cosmetic Veneers for my Dental

Using a dental veneer instead of a tooth crown is not advisable. Crowns are vital in restoring your natural tooth functions and protecting it from further damage. Veneers are tooth-colored to improve on your dental appearance. Dr. Geeson recommends crowns for cosmetic, aesthetic, and restorative purposes since dental caps address your realistic outlook and improve your overall oral health.

Crowns Can Undergo Whitening

Dental caps can leave your dental stain-free, but your dentist can’t whiten them. Crowns can withstand stains but can’t be bleached by whitening solutions.

Crowns Are Too Painful

It would help if you did not fear teeth crown placement since advanced dentistry uses anxiety-free and painless procedures. Having teeth crowns on your dental is convenient and comfortable. Crowns are comfortable, and they are vital for your dental health.

When Do You Need Teeth Crowns?

At Your Complete Dental, we recommend you to have crowns based on the following dental reasons:

  • After undergoing a root canal procedure
  • Having a misshaped, broken, chipped, or cracked tooth
  • Upon placement of a dental implant

Maintaining an appealing smile and proper oral health should be your top priority. Dental caps are vital in preserving your teeth from severe decay or damage. You need to visit the dental facility near you and undergo the restorative procedure to correct all your dental imperfections today.

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