Oral Surgery That Can Save Your Smile

Oral Surgery That Can Save Your Smile

Sep 06, 2018

If you have been told that your smile is in need of a surgery, such as a tooth extraction, then your first instinct may be to panic. Our team at Complete Dental in Leland uses several different treatments that are safe and effective in order to give patients that best possible oral care. Continue reading on to see how a socket preservation surgery can save your smile.

Why Perform Socket Preservation On Your Smile?

The roots of your teeth are meant to hold your teeth in place and send signals to your brain which in turn, triggers the growth of new bone cells. Socket preservations are commonly used after an extraction in order to allow a patient to be eligible for a dental implant. When a tooth is removed, the bone begins to recede and wear away. Receding bone can affect the structure of the entire face and prevent other restorations from correcting dental issues.

What Is Involved In The Socket Preservation Procedure?

Your dentist will provide a bone graft procedure at the same time as a tooth extraction. They will place a bone graft in the affected area that is taken from your own bone or a synthetic material. Our office will provide in-depth information on each step of the procedure.

What Can You Expect After Your Treatment?

Your body will work hard and fast to fully heal and provide a new structure. The healing process may take up to several months, and then you can begin the process of a new restoration for your smile.

Contact our office to learn more about the different treatments we can offer to our patients. Call us today to set up your next consultation and achieve a new smile!

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