Three Procedures to Improve Your Smile in 2019

Three Procedures to Improve Your Smile in 2019

Jan 16, 2019

Are you looking for improvement in your flawed smile? Fret not as cosmetic dentistry can help. You can consult a dentist near you and ask for assessment for deciding the right treatment for you that can help in enhancing the beauty, function and strength of your teeth and smile.

Here’s a Look at the Options for Improving Your Smile:


As stated by Dentist in Leland, it is an orthodontic treatment which is chosen more often than not by adults due to its aesthetic appeal. Unlike metal braces, they are not visible and make the wearer fear comfortable. Invisalign is made of clear plastic which makes them nearly invisible. Plus, there is no dietary restriction as they have to be removed when eating and drinking. They don’t interfere with oral hygiene, and there is no painful manual adjustment or risk of injury to gum or soft tissues.

Dental Implants

If you are missing one or more than one teeth, dental implants can be a reliable solution. They prevent structural changes due to tooth loss as they are directly inserted in the jaw. Some of the benefits of dental implants according to Dentist near 28451 are:

  • They prevent jaws from collapsing
  • There is no risk of implant becoming loose or falling out
  • The restoration looks natural
  • It helps in improving the bite strength

Teeth whitening

It’s one of the most popular and effective cosmetic treatment says Dentist near Leland NC. There are two choices for teeth whitening, the in-office whitening that is done by professionals and personalized at home teeth whitening kit. If you choose in-office whitening treatment, you would be given a take home kit for touch-ups.

The pharmacy store bought kits often fail to offer desired results so seeing a dentist for treatment is advisable. It is much safer, comfortable, and long-lasting than store bought kits. Professional teeth whitening are not very expensive.

Cosmetic dentistry not only restores your smile but is also one of the least expensive options as compared to other dental treatments.

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