Ways to Keep Your Kids’ Teeth Healthy

Ways to Keep Your Kids’ Teeth Healthy

Apr 01, 2021

Kids start developing milk teeth at six months. The primary teeth then start falling at six months. From the time the kids start developing their milk teeth, you should consider regular dental visits. Without professional dental care, your child might develop dental problems that might lead to complications.

Your kids’ or family dentist might recommend several tips to keep your child’s teeth healthy. Such dental care tips will be helpful to your kid even during adulthood.

Tips to Keep Your Childs Teeth Healthy

When you visit pediatric dentistry near you, the dentist might recommend the following child dental care tips to improve and maintain their oral health:


It might sound extreme thinking about using a toothbrush on a toddler when their mouth is wholly pink. However, you don’t have to use a toothbrush to maintain good oral hygiene when your child has no teeth. Instead, you can use a damp clean cloth to remove debris from their gums.

As soon as the first pearly white teeth start showing, you can consider using a small toothbrush. When brushing your child’s teeth, you should be gentle to avoid hurting their gums. Also, avoid leaving your kids with a toothbrush since they can harm themselves. As they approach school-going age, you can teach your kids to brush but under supervision.


Even after brushing their teeth, your kids might be prone to developing dental problems associated with poor oral hygiene. Since a toothbrush might not reach some sites in your kid’s mouth, you can consider dental flossing. Just like brushing, you can supervise your kids when they are flossing their teeth.

Being a Role Model

What your kid picks from you, they are likely to carry it to their adulthood. Therefore, being a role model to your child impacts their oral health.

When you brush and floss your teeth regularly, your child can pick that and help them in preventing dental problems. Also, you can consider carrying out your oral hygiene routines together.

Healthy Diet

What your child consumes has an impact on their health. Therefore, you should consider giving them healthy foods. Foods rich in calcium help strengthen their teeth enamels and reduce the risk of developing dental cavities.

On the other hand, sugary and sticky foods can be detrimental to your child’s dental health. When such foods stick on your child’s teeth, bacteria act on them and release acids. The acids corrode the teeth’ enamels, causing tooth decay. Therefore, you should consider minimizing sugary foods in your child’s diet.

Proper Protection During Sporting Activities

If your kid plays contact sports or participates in activities that make them prone to dental injuries, you can consider getting them protective mouthguards. Protective mouthguards reduce the impact on your child’s teeth when they collide during sports or fall. Before getting mouthguards for your child, you can consult the dentist near you first.

Regular Dental Exams and Cleanings

Regular dental exams are significant for both children and adults. During a pediatric dental exam at our clinic, Dr. Geeson will check your child’s teeth for potential dental problems and recommend treatments.

The dentist or oral hygienist will recommend a professional cleaning to remove plaque and tartar on your child’s teeth surfaces and below the gum line.

Keep Away the Bottle during Bedtime

When your child is experiencing difficulties getting sleep, you might tend to use a bottle to help them fall asleep. However, such a practice might affect your child’s oral health. Sweeteners or natural sugars in your child’s milk might cling to their teeth and cause decay over time.

Watch for Signs of Teeth Development Issues

Tooth misalignments during childhood might cause dental problems when your child becomes an adult. Therefore, you should consider checking your child’s teeth regularly for such dental problems. If you notice such dental issues, you can consider seeking professional dental care.

Pediatric Dentist Near You

Are you looking for pediatric dentistry in North Carolina? If you live around, you can consider visiting our dentist in Complete Dental Leland. At our dental clinic, your child can receive dental care services, which include guidance on how to clean baby teeth naturally. Therefore, your child doesn’t have to suffer the agony of dental problems in their adult life.

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