What Would You Prefer If Affected by Orthodontic Problems?

What Would You Prefer If Affected by Orthodontic Problems?

Jun 09, 2020

An Orthodontist is a specialist who can correct issues with crooked or crowded teeth to give you a beautiful smile as well as healthy jaw alignment. The best way to determine whether you or your child needs orthodontic treatment is to contact Complete Dental in Wilmington, NC, for an evaluation.

When you are affected by orthodontic problems you could be suffering from crowded teeth or spacing issues because your teeth are either too big or too small and are either placed too close or far apart resulting in poor alignment and making several functions difficult. You will have difficulties with chewing, speaking, problems with cleaning your teeth, and appear unattractive. Visiting an orthodontist is not the end of your problems but the beginning of a journey that will correct all the issues in your mouth and make it possible for you to lead a normal life.

How Do Orthodontists Correct Problems with Your Teeth?

Orthodontists can correct problems with your teeth by using devices that are either fixed or removable. Fixed appliances will not hinder patients from eating properly but you will be advised not to have certain foods and beverages like hard Candy, carbonated drinks, and sticky foods. If you are involved in contact sports informing your orthodontist about your activities will prove helpful because he or she may provide you with gum shields.

What Do Orthodontists Aim to Achieve with the Treatment?

Orthodontists perform treatments aiming to achieve success over the following problems:

  • Correcting teeth with wide gaps between them.
  • Straightening crooked teeth.
  • Improving chewing ability and speech.
  • Correcting the alignment of the tips of the teeth.
  • Preventing excessive wear or trauma of the teeth over the long-term.
  • Treating improper bites.

The treatment provided by orthodontists not only improves the appearance of the teeth but also leads to better chewing and speech functionality while protecting the teeth from decay or damage in some cases. For achieving these goals orthodontists are using different types of medical dental devices that have been designed for this purpose.

Devices Used by Orthodontists to Correct Problems with the Teeth

As mentioned earlier orthodontists are using different types of appliances for correcting problems with the teeth. Among the most used but not highly preferred especially by adults is the following.

Metal Braces

This appliance contains brackets, bands, and wires and are the most detested despite being effective and considered the best for correcting orthodontic issues. The bands are fixed around the teeth to serve as anchors for the appliance and the brackets are usually attached to the front surfaces of the teeth.

Wires shaped like an arch pass through the brackets to be fixed to the bands. When the archwire is tightened pressure is applied to the teeth to move them gradually into a proposition over time. People can choose between clear and colored wires that are available to add some excitement to their braces.

Clear Braces

People can also prefer to have clear braces made from ceramic that are less visible on their teeth. The wires attached to the brackets are usually translucent to give the impression that braces do not exist in the mouth of the individual.

Of late, more adults are choosing to have problems with their teeth corrected by orthodontists. Adults do not prefer metal and wire braces in their mouths and opt for new introductions that have become extremely popular. Orthodontists can also suggest removable braces that are made from clear translucent plastic and custom-designed for the mouth of the patient. This is an option largely preferred by adults because it prevents the embarrassment of showing off braces in their mouths.

Orthodontics has come a long way since the time it was first introduced as a method for correcting problems with the teeth and jaw. Orthodontists are presently even attending to babies who may lose a baby tooth to help them maintain proper spaces between their teeth.

In the present conditions, children cannot be considered as the only recipients of orthodontic treatments. Approximately 20% of the population in the United States is presently searching for remedies that will help them to correct orthodontic problems in their mouths. Metal braces and clear braces are the most popular choices of people that have complex orthodontic issues affecting them. People with problems that are not complicated can consider removable orthodontic appliances that will be provided if they are considered suitable for the treatment.

People must discuss the problems affecting them with their orthodontist and rely upon the advice provided by the professional before they choose any one of the options spoken about in this discussion.

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