Why Dental Exams and Cleanings Matter

Why Dental Exams and Cleanings Matter

Jul 26, 2018

Our goal at Complete Coastal Leland is to provide patients will a healthy and clean smile, but we need a little help from you in order to succeed. The most important way to keep a smile healthy is with good oral hygiene habits. Regular dental exams and cleanings allow our dental team to ensure your mouth remains healthy. Why do we always stress the importance of these appointments? Keep reading on to be convinced that dental exams and cleanings matter!

The health of your overall body is greatly connected to an individual’s oral health. Researchers have recently found the correlation between gum disease and severe issues such as diabetes, heart disease, chronic inflammation, high blood pressure, arthritis, and various types of cancer. There is also an increased risk for stroke and heart attacks. It is no secret that taking care of your smile can benefit your whole body! Our team contributes to your health through dental exams and cleanings. These appointments allow us the opportunity to detect issues early on and prevent new ones from occurring. Regular professional dental cleanings help to clear out debris in hard to reach areas and get rid of harmful bacteria that could lead to tooth decay or infection.

Investing in frequent dental cleanings and exams can help to save an individual on time and money later. This is the case if further treatments and procedures are needed that could have been prevented with our dental team’s help. Make it your aim to schedule your dental exams and cleanings twice every year. Let our experienced staff take care of your smile and contribute to the health of your body. Call us today to set up your next appointment with a member of our dental team!

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