Why Do Kids Need Dentists?

Why Do Kids Need Dentists?

Sep 01, 2020

When you think about the wellbeing of your child, dentists are not exactly the first people that come to mind. However, that does not mean that they shouldn’t. Dental experts for children are trained to handle children’s oral needs. This means that kids have many underlying needs that can best be met by a kid’s dentist.

If you are yet to consider the idea of dentistry for children, perhaps the only thing you need is a fresh perspective on the role of dentists in children’s lives. This can also help you understand how your child stands to benefit or lose in that case.

What Is Pediatric Dentistry?

It is a specialty of dentistry that caters to all the dental needs of children, right from infancy to teenage years. In the different ages of this period, kids have diverse oral needs, often progressive and changing. Every stage, therefore, demands a different kind of care, best offered by pediatric dentists in Wilmington, NC.

An important consideration for kids’ dental health as well emphasized at Complete Dental is that, the sooner they begin their dental health journey, the healthier their mouths are likely to be throughout the rest of their lives. Admittedly, it is not that obvious with every child, but stakes are higher as your child grows up.

When Is Dental Care Necessary?

This is still an issue of contention among parents, and even among dentists. It seems hard to agree upon the most suitable time that kids should start dental care. However, since your child is consuming something that is external, there is always a need to care for their mouth.

Even when your child is on breast milk or baby formula, they need dental care. Usually, dental experts recommend using a clean washcloth dipped in warm water, to wipe the surfaces of the baby’s mouth. This encompasses the gums and the tongue. It helps remove any residues of the milk that remain stuck on these surfaces.

As your child grows, the needs will change. As soon as your child starts teething, you should begin considering dental visits. A dentist for kids will advice you on the proper way to handle any teething symptoms, and also how to clean the teeth. The more teeth that grow, the more dental care that your child needs.

The Role of Dentists in Dental Care for Children

When kids are small, it is easy to think that their oral needs are equally as small. However, this is not the case. When their baby teeth grow, they also need to be protected. The reason is that, even though the baby teeth are meant to fall off at one point, they help save room for the adult teeth to grow. Some of the roles of pediatric dentists, therefore, include the following:

  • Fighting dental decay and caries – kids are very prone to dental cavities as they grow up. Their inclination to sugary foods and candies is undeniable. At this stage, treatments like fluoride treatment, and dental sealants are the perfect way to protect their teeth.
  • Early diagnosis and treatment – a range of infections can upset the oral health of your child. Without early detection, these issues could go as far as damage teeth permanently. You want to be especially careful about these issues when your child starts growing permanent teeth. A dentist for children will help detect and treat any underlying diseases early.
  • Nutritional counseling – just because your child nags you for more sugary foods does not mean you should give in to the demands. Usually, kids will be stubborn to get what they want, more so when they realize that it is easy to get away with it. A pediatric dentist can help you go about proper nutrition with your child, as early as possible. This will reinforce many positive and healthy eating habits for your child right from a young age.
  • Habit counseling – there are some behaviors that your child picks up that are unhealthy for teeth. Such include crushing hard candies, biting fingernails, to mention a few. With proper counseling, your child an quit these habits and pick up new and healthier ones.
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