Smile Saver Program

The Smile Saver Program was created to help those who do not have the insurance to afford quality care. It covers preventative maintenance services as recommended by the American Dental Association (ADA) and offers discounts on other select services.

Annual Membership Fees

  • Individual: $475 / per benefit year
  • Individual + Spouse/Partner: $750 / per benefit year
  • Each Additional Family Member: $375 / per benefit year

As a member of the Smile Saver Program, you receive the following:

  • Exams – 1 comprehensive & 1 periodic (2 per person, per benefit year)
  • Cleanings – 2 per person per benefit year, in the absence of periodontal disease*
  • X-Rays – 1 set of bitewings x-rays per person per benefit year + 1 panoramic/FMX series per person every three benefit years
  • Fluoride Treatment – 1 per person per benefit year
  • 15% Regular Fees for General Dentistry – (excluding cosmetic braces)

*You may substitute two regular cleanings for one periodontal cleaning if needed. 15% discount on additional periodontal cleanings.

Benefits of the Smile Saver Program

  • No deductibles, no claims to file, and no maximum.
  • No waiting period; you receive treatment immediately.

Quality care at an affordable price for adults and children alike.

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